Upcoming SPOTlights


Small Spotlight Clip Art                                                               Theatre Spotlight Clip Art

Coming soon to the SPOTlight……………………but in no certain order>>>


David Bain Author of  “Gray Lake”, “Death Sight”, the Will Casleton Series, “Terror is our Trade” co written with C.Dennis Moore,” Band of Gypsies” also co-written with C.Dennis Moore & many others! @Davidbainaa  DavidBainBooks.com

Joshua Lisec,  Author of  “The Phoenix Reich”  @ThePhoenixReich  joshualisec.wordpress.com

Robin Glasser,  Author of  “The Brain Exchange”  @RobinGlasser1  myspace.com/robinglasser

Karolyn Howard,  Author of  “A Lady’s Choice”  @Karolyn_withaK  karolynhoward.com

Lucky Lance,  Aspiring not yet published author  @LuckyLanceJ  luckylifelessons.com

Kat Kennedy,  Author of  “Flamingo Funeral”  @katkennedy75  teacakesandwhiskey.com

Anne Kobsupang,  Author of  ” Howard & Chloe Go to Bunnyland”, a fantastic children’s book! @Kobsupang   KobsupangRobertson.com   @Howardandchloe  howardandchloe.com

Jennifer Howard,  Author of  “The Healing Heart”  @WowJenWrites   jennifer-howard.net

Linze Brandon,  Author of  “Keeper of the Dragon Sword”  @LinzeBrandon   linzebrandon.blogspot.com


          Stop Sign Clip Art         Let’s get your name on the list!   Just send me an email to: wsmith727@comcast.net & you’re hooked up with a SPOTlight!  Thanks to everyone on the list above for your time and letting me SPOTlight you!

!Decorative Sun Clip ArtThe sun is always shining somewhere………………………




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