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Welcome to the INDIE SPOTlight! Today I’m spotlight “Karolyn Howard”!!! Karolyn is going to fill our heads with everything Karolyn!   So let’s get down to business!

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Q: How long have you been writing?

A: I wrote a little in high school and college, but never tried to write a book until last year. I read voraciously and admire authors who can put a good story together.


Q: What or who inspired you to write?

A: A friend self-published a book and I had no idea he was a writer. My husband reminded me of all the story ideas I had over the years and I took the leap to start writing my own book.


Q: If you wrote “out of your genre” what genre would it be?

A: Fantasy or Sci-Fi.


Q: Do you have to think hard about your story or can you just grab the idea and go with it?

A: A little of both. With A Lady’s Choice I wrote the scene where the couple meet in a ballroom first, but then took some time to flesh out the story fully in my mind. Still, some scenes just popped in my head and I went with them!


Q: What interferes with your writing if anything?

A: It is hard to call a full-time job and daily chores interference, but they do take up most of my time. However, I try and write any chance I get on a daily basis even if it is just to edit what I wrote the day before.


Q: Most Authors have a favorite writer which they tend to mentor on, whose yours?

A: Brenda Joyce, Shannon Drake/Heather Graham, Eloisa James, Julie James and Sherrilyn Kenyon come to mind immediately.


Q: How many books have you written and published so far?

A: Just one, but I have completed my next book and it is now with my editors. I am currently working on a sequel to that second book.


Q: Do you plan sequels to your book(s)?

A: A Lady’s Choice stands on its own, but my next two are companion stories.


Q: When can we expect your next great writing work?

A: Hopefully soon!  Once I get the editing finalized and the cover back from the designer it will be ready to go. I hope to publish it in the next few months and it is another Regency novel.


Q: What describes you best as a person, not a writer?

A: I encourage people to read, travel, and care for animals and our planet. Life is too short to be negative. We should all be positive and support one another.


Q: Do you have specific rituals you do to get ready to start writing?

A: Nope. Just let me sit down in front of a computer or a fully charged I-Pad and I am good to go.


Q: Any advice can you give others on writing to make their experience better?

A: Enjoy the writing and don’t over think it. Let the creative juices flow, but make sure you get good editors to review and critique your work.


Q: What do you want your readers to know most about you or NOT want them to know?

A: I hope my writing translates to the readers that I love romance and all the fun that comes with it.


Q: In ending, tell us one thing you want everyone to know about your book and why it’s a great read.

A: I tried to include in A Lady’s Choice all the things I enjoy when reading a story. I made sure to include some twists and turns, action, suspense, and of course great banter between the characters as well as romance with some spice.


Contact information:

Website: Karolynhoward.com

Twitter: karolyn_howard

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My thanks to Karolyn Howard for allowing me to host her and her great book for a day!  I hope everyone enjoyed the SPOTLIGHT and I look forward to SPOTlighting YOU next!

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