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Welcome to the INDIE SPOTlight! Today I’m hosting Jane Lowy!!! Jane is going to fill our heads with everything Jane. So let’s get to know more about Jane!

Wobbly Barstool cover



Q: How long have you been writing?

A: Since I was little-bitty. I remember sitting down at my parents typewriter when I was probably a first or second grader and pecking out little stories. One was about how it feels to be a glass of milk before and after someone drinks it. “For Love of a Dolphin”, a story told from dolphins’ point of view which I wrote in eighth grade and a philosophy paper in college titled, “What Is Really Real?” each earned me an A+. I penned pencilled a sixty-page novelette when I was sixteen that was a parody of the fairy tale “Snow White”, called “Off White” (which, despite the title, was by no means off-color). Once, in adulthood, I won a contest in a local newspaper by finishing a Halloween story that they provided as a prompt. As far as novel-writing goes, though, that began about ten years ago.


Q: What or who inspired you to write?

A: My wonderful husband, David, is the one who really insisted that I write a novel. I said, “No way, I can’t do that!”. He said, “Yes, you can!” and kept saying it until I believed it. Thanks, David!


Q: If you wrote “out of your genre” what genre would it be?

A: Probably fantasy.


Q: Do you have to think hard about your story or can you just grab the idea and go with it?

A: I usually have to think pretty hard and like to plan out the general idea before starting to write. However, once I’m in the flow, I allow room for spontaneity.


Q: What interfers with your writing if anything?

A: The demands of motherhood, wifehood, the necessity of feeding my family and myself, laundry, housecleaning (precious little of that, I’m afraid), socializing, keeping up my cytogenetic technologist certification just in case, relaxing, excercising, showering, sleeping, and, of course, promoting the first book. On the other hand, all of these things help keep me in balance for writing, so it all goes hand-in-hand.


Q: Most Authors have a favorite writer which they tend to mentor on, whose yours?

A: Charles Dickens.


Q: How many books have you written and published so far?

A: Only the one.


Q: Do you plan sequels to your book(s)?

A: Yes, I’ve got two in mind. Keep your fingers crossed!



 Q: When can we expect your next great writing work?

A: As I’m only twelve pages into it, I won’t venture to guess. Wobbly took about nine years from conception to publication, give or take a few years of goofing off, but I’m hoping this one will go a bit quicker.


Q: What describes you best as a person, not a writer?

A: I’m kind of a natural woman – no makeup, no high-heels, no fancy clothes except the Victorian garb I donned for my book launch. I’m a vegan, love yoga, walking, dancing, reading the classics, including Dickens, Austen, Trollope, Brontes, Wodehouse, Little Lulu, and Freddy the Pig,  very creative music from any genre or time period, and old movies. I love my husband and son and try to recognize the divine in everything and everyone and see what’s beautiful and positive in the world. I’m somehow a cross between a straight-laced Victorian and a hippie. Peace and love, baby, if you don’t mind my saying so, madam.


Q: Do you have specific rituals you do to get ready to start writing?

A: I try to get alone on a quiet place where I can see nature out the window, then I ask for inspiration – whether from my sub-conscious, my muse, the universe, or what, I’m not sure.


Q: Any advice can you give others on writing to make their experience better?

A:Don’t give up! You can do it. Write from the heart; write what you would want to read, and it will all be worthwhile. The best thing about writing is that you can make the story come out any way you want to!


Q: What do you want your readers to know most about you or NOT want them to know?

A: I’m extremely shy and not good at talking. Writing, yes; talking, no. Were you to try to interview me in person, I would smile, blink, blush, and stammer out feeble monosyllabic inanities. Were I given a chance to speak about myself in front of a group, I would run screaming from the room. If offered a television interview, I would probably flee the country. Yet, I do like performing in front of audiences – singing, electric bass guitar playing, puppeteering, and the like. Go figure.


Q: In ending, tell us one thing you want everyone to know about your book and why it’s a great read.

A: People tell me that Wobbly Barstool is unlike anything they’ve ever read. I like to think that it is quite original, though reminiscent of classic nineteenth-century British literature. Wobbly is fun and deep and will leave you with a very good feeling if you let it – I promise!


Contact information on Jane Lowy:








Hard Cover

Wobbly Barstool cover


www.janelowy.com (U.S. only) or





















Wobbly Barstool is the title character in this quirky, lighthearted, Victorian-era tale of friendship, love and perseverance. Good-natured Wobbly, a young man residing in a Victorian English village, loves Prunella, a London socialite whom he meets during her visit with Wobbly’s cousin, Marigold. Marigold adores brilliant, articulate Tobias, Wobbly’s adopted brother, discovered and befriended by Wobbly when they are boys, the orphaned Tobias having survived for two years wandering a nearby wood with a pack of dogs.  As a warm and complex relationship develops among the four, Wobbly and Marigold find themselves in the painful position of imagining that their dearest friends are their rivals, a mutual fascination of sorts existing between Prunella and Tobias who, unknown to any of them, are siblings, Prunella having been forced from her parents at age two by her ruthless, manipulative aunt. Over the next four years, while Marigold waits for Tobias, Wobbly pursues Prunella with gentle persistence as she struggles between her strong sense of filial duty and her growing acceptance and love of Wobbly, whom her adoptive mother adamantly rejects. The course of their lives is, all the while, overseen and subtly influenced by the mysterious solicitor Beggintrade, for reasons of his own.

Wobbly Barstool is meant to offer readers a fun, life-affirming story with memorable characters that they can delight in and love.




My thanks to Jane Lowy for allowing me to host her for a day! I hope everyone enjoyed the SPOTLIGHT and I look forward to SPOTlighting YOU next!               wildflowers

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