~The INDIE SPOTlight~is on Gary Henry

Welcome everyone to the INDIE SPOTlight!  Today I am truly honored to host the one & only Gary Henry,

Gary Henry

writer  and author of   WHAT HAPPENED TO JORY AND OTHER DARK DEPARTURES……..MOON POEMS AND OTHER STRANGE JINGLE JANGLES & AMERICAN GODDESSES!   Below you find all his books and links to purchase! Go enjoy some great reads and support indie authors!


SUMMARY  What happened to Jory – short story anthology, about 23,000 words
Vlad the Impaler – advice columnist. A T-Rex prowls the hills outside Boulder, Colo. An explorer breaches the wall between life and Afterlife. And of course, the strange and creepy tale of “What happened to Jory.” Here are eight dark departures to unusual destinations, ranging in length from flash fiction to novelette.


SUMMARY   Visits in verse to places mountainous and macabre, humorous and frightening, light and dark, epic and ephemeral

American Goddesses

SUMMARY   When two small-town women find themselves with nearly unlimited powers of mind and body, their lives get complicated. Things turn nasty as a shadowy organization attempts to use Megan and Trish for their own evil ends, and destroy them, their town and the USA in the process.



Besides being an author, Gary also is a fantastic reviewer and I ask everyone to go check out honestindiebookreviews.wordpress.com This is the place to find many books already reviewed and upcoming reviews. Stop by and see what one of the best reviewers has to say about the books he’s read! Follow for updates while you’re there!

Gary Henry lives in Lawrence, Kansas with his lovely wife Karen Ann and their two dogs, Sophie Jones and Lambchop.  He grew up in Virginia and discovered the Blue Ridge Mountains and the Rockies in college studying journalism.

A retired Navy man, working now writing copy and technical for a manufacturer of construction products.  He loves to run day or night on trails in the woods. He wrote his first book a few months after discovering Smashwords…….and folks…now he is living Happily Ever After…


So let’s get going!


Q: How long have you been writing?

A: Since third grade – 1962 or 63. That first story – spacemen go to Pluto, fight off monsters, escape, but more monsters follow them back to Earth and are killed in a big battle.

WP: It’s amazing how good authors knew what they wanted to do at such young ages!


Q: What or who inspired you to write?

A: Authors who spoke to me as a kid and made me think – “I want to do that!” – Jack London, Robert E. Howard, Edgar Rice Burroughs, Samuel “Mark Twain” Clemens. Later, John Steinbeck, Earnest Hemingway, George MacDonald Fraser. Now, all my fellow Indie authors, including one Miss Wanda P. Smith.

WP: Well, thank you Gary, from all of us!


Q: If you wrote “out of your genre” what genre would it be?

A: Supernatural westerns, though really I don’t consider myself a “genre” writer. They’re all fair game.

WP: I figured you to be a writer of almost everything.  Great writing minds have no specific genres for sure! Supernatural Westerns? Interesting!


Q: Do you have to think hard about your story or can you just grab the idea and go with it?

A: Both. Grab, go and think hard. Not always in that order, though.

WP: Glad to know there’s others like myself who do this!


Q: What interferes with your writing if anything?

A: What doesn’t?

WP: Best answer ever!


Q: Most Authors have a favorite writer which they tend to mentor on, who’s yours?

A: The lurid, vivid prose of Robert E. Howard, creator of Conan, Kull, Solomon Kane, Bran Mak Morn and other legendary heroes has affected me most. Love that name – Bran Mak Morn.

WP: Seems AMERICAN GODDESSES  had a taste of those mentors!


Q: How many books have you written and published so far?


WP: I read AG, which is one of my all time favorites and I just recently discovered WHAT HAPPENED TO JORYThen discovered THE MOON POEMand now both are on my read list!

 American Goddesses


Q: Do you plan sequels to your book(s)?

A: ROGUE GODDESSES is the WIP sequel to AMERICAN GODDESSES. After that I plan to novelize my 12,000-word historical fantasy adventure A BARBARIAN IN ROME, currently published in JORY.

WP: Being highly aware of RG, I can’t wait to see the finished product. A  new GODDESSES‘ appearance has me anxious to read it!


Q: When can we expect your next great writing work?

A: ROGUE GODDESSES is going more slowly than expected, due to the aforementioned distractions. By Thanksgiving, hopefully. There’s a preview of RG on my book review website HONEST INDIE BOOK REVIEWShttp://honestindiebookreviews.wordpress.com/rogue-goddesses-preview/

WP: Love the preview of RG! I encourage everyone to head over to  http://honestindiebookreviews.wordpress.com/rogue-goddesses-preview/  and read the preview!


Q: What describes you best as a person, not a writer?

A: Willing.

WP: Some writers have a unique gift and I think you simply have the genes for writing great stories!



Q: Do you have specific rituals you do to get ready to start writing?

A: No. Just sit down, and as some have said, open a vein.

WP: When anyone can just sit down and “open a vein”, they’re a writer for sure!


Q: Any advice you can give others on writing to make their experience better?

A: Think it out beforehand, in the shower, walking the dogs, driving to work, so when you do get precious composing time at the keyboard, you can make the most of it.

WP: I hope everyone takes that advice!


Q: What do you want your readers to know most about you or NOT want them to know?

A: That I’m trying to write something they’ll like by trying to write something I’ll like.

WP: Golly gee whiz, that’s a dandy reply!


Q: In ending, tell us one thing you want everyone to know about your book.

A: I want people to know that AMERICAN GODDESSES is my love letter to women. I have to leave it to others to say if it’s a great read or not, but I will say I tried my best. ROGUE GODDESSES will be better though, because I’ve learned.

WP: Well, personally I can vouch for AMERICAN GODDESSES being my best read of 2013.  I hope everyone  grabs a copy  and experiences it as I did!


Folks I hate to see this end! I’ve enjoyed this so much and sometime later this year I hope to be back on the SPOTlight with Gary as we get into the release of ROGUE GODDESSES the thrilling sequel to AMERICAN GODDESSES!

Please take a look at all of Gary Henry’s books and support your fellow indie authors! If you have read these books and haven’t gotten around to posting a review, please do so now.

    American Goddesses


Honest Indie Book Reviews http://honestindiebookreviews.wordpress.com/

Write Me at unews@ultrastory.com

Twitter ~ https://twitter.com/LiteraryGary


A Word From our guest, Gary

 Thank you, Miss Wanda, for this lovely opportunity and all the wonderful support you’ve given me and many other Indie writers. Your own book SUMMER WINDS is on my list for read and review at HONEST INDIE BOOK REVIEWS. I’m really looking forward to the experience. Thank you again, my fine friend. As I’m fond of saying, “sometimes the knights in shining armor are women” – and you are most definitely one.

From your host of The INDIE SPOTlight, Wanda

My thanks to Gary for allowing me to host his wonderful books and him! It has been a pleasure spotlighting one of my favorite authors. 

I hope everyone enjoyed the INDIE SPOTlight and I look forward to SPOTlighting YOU soon!


Before you leave us…….Don’t forget to click the like button & leave a comment!



18 comments on “~The INDIE SPOTlight~is on Gary Henry

  1. Gary Henry says:

    Thank you again for being a gracious and generous host, Miss Wanda. I look forward to reading further exchanges with our other indie friends here.

  2. wandapsmith says:

    Thank you for allowing me to take some of your valuable time to SPOTlight you! Always a delight & pleasure.

  3. Arlene Valle says:

    After reading the blog I feel even more than ever that all indie authors seem to have the same expectations and struggles, and hope for a successful outcome.
    Much luck with your stories.

  4. Great interview and very nice blogging 🙂 RJ

  5. Erik Nelson says:

    Wonderful!!! Absoualtely wonderful!!! Wanda Smith will be a great promoter of indie authors one day!

  6. elisestokes says:

    Great interview, Gary! Best with finishing Rogue Goddesses (Love that title), and don’t we all learn through this writing process. Thank you for letting me know about his interview, Wanda. 🙂

  7. Douglas Cobb says:

    Awesome interview with a fantastic author, Wanda! I really enjoyed reading the interview with Gary!

  8. PJ Webb says:

    I really enjoyed the interview. Gary is such a wonderful person. I enjoyed hearing more about him.

    • wandapsmith says:

      Thanks PJ. That’s what it’s all about also, getting to know more about the author & what makes them write great a great book or books! Come back & visit to see who else is in the SPOTlight! If you would like to be SPOTlighted, simply send me an email at wsmith727@comcast.net

  9. Robbie Cox says:

    A great interview! I’m looking forward to checking out the books. Thanks to both of you for sharing.

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