~The INDIE SPOTlight~is on W.P. Smith

Welcome everyone! I’m very pleased to begin the process of  SPOTLIGHTING INDIES.  Since I own this joint, I guess I’m up first.  This is to give visitors & upcoming guest a taste of what their interview will be like and how it will look!  So without further ado, away we go!

Today’s INDIE SPOTLIGHT is on W.P. Smith author of SUMMER WINDS                












Let’s get this show a rolling!


Q: What prompted you to begin writing?

WS: I have been writing since I was a teen but had never given much thought to actually writing a book.  It was a sudden urge to actually sit down and start writing. Once I let my mind loose, it was easier than I thought!


Q: Are you interested in writing more novels or even short stories?

WS: I have the sequel to SUMMER WINDS about half~finished and I’m also working on two other books.  I really want to write  short stories & explore a new world of writing, venturing into a few shorts I have in my head.


Q: Who influenced you the most when it come to writing & what person drove you the hardest to begin?

WS: Well, when I was about 15, I used to sneak and read Mama’s “True Stories” romance magazines & it intrigued me.  It was then I started keeping journals, writing about my own dreamed up romance stories! The rest is history, even though it would be many years after I would write my first book when  Mama encouraged me saying it was time. Her influence made me want to write. As  far as being driven, I’d say a couple of very close dear friends pushed me. Jill encouraged me greatly and since I trust her with my life well, if she said it was good, it was good!( Love you, Jill). There’s also Rob, a definite factor into my pursuing writing SUMMER WINDS. He read the very first  rough draft and went crazy telling me to write a book! ( Thanks Rob)


Q: What could you tell other inspiring writers which may help them begin their own journey?

WS: If it’s in you to write, you will write.  It kind of eats at you until you no longer can hold it in. The indie publishing world is on fire right now with some fantastic INDIE authors and I hope anyone with the desire or passion to write, takes the leap into a world like none I’ve ever known!


Q: Who is your favorite author?

WS: Oh my, that’s tough.  I love the book What Dreams May Come and I actually don’t remember the author ( bad me!) When it comes to indie authors  it’s even harder! I definitely have a few and the genres are widely spaced. I don’t get hung up on genre.  I love almost any book!


Q: If you had to pick just one genre, which would it be that satisfies your inner self the most?

WS: Has to be fantasy, super hero stuff. One in particular is American Goddesses by Gary Henry.  It’s this super~heroine fantasy about gals with outrageous powers and all kinds of stuff! I read the book three times already and it will get a fourth I’m sure. There’s also this sort of trilogy by James A. West, The God King, Heirs of the Fallen series that is pretty enticing too! I love almost anything fantasy.


Q: Can we expect any new works from you in the near future

WS: Most likely, MYSTIC MOUNTAIN will  hit next.  Its about two best friends on a weekend getaway and trust me, it may have some romance in it but its much deeper than romance. Maybe I can say this, its a darker side of me I’ve never explored.


Q: What is the one thing that keeps you from writing or inhibits you from it?

WS: OMG ,  has to be TWITTERSeriously, I get into tweeting my book & supporting other great indies and put writing aside for days at a time. Always something to keep me from writing and one major is Garret, my 6 year old. He demands a lot of my summer attention, so writing comes in at the wee hours of morn usually while everyone else in the house sleeps.


Q: Where can we find your works at?

WS: I only have one book published which is  SUMMER WINDS, my first novel & I’m so very proud of it.  It’s available at smashwords,  Amazon,  B&N,  Kobo.  Thanks to smashwords it’s available in any format anyone could want too!


Q: What if anything, can you tell your readers which would want them to read SUMMER WINDS?

WS: I’m not sure how to answer this. First I have to say it’s descriptive to my home place, growing up in East Tennessee and living in the rural areas which shows life in a sense of love, life and simple living. Not because I wrote the book, but if you read what few reviews folks have took the time to post, you can see what I mean. Its clean living and I hope if anyone reads it they can feel right at home with me here in Tennessee.


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Thanks to everyone for your support!

You can find  SUMMER WINDS through the links below and all contact information as well!

SUMMER WINDS on Smashwords & Amazon


Keep up with Wanda’s Blog at http://wp.me/P3Euog-9  and look for her next book coming soon! Although we didn’t get a FIRM date on publishing, I’m sure MYSTIC MOUNTAIN will be a great read!

Follow her on TWITTER: @brknsunshine & on FACEBOOK: http://www.facebook.com/Wanda Phillips-Smith



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