Some of My Favorite Books!


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The Brain Exchange by Robin Glasser  @RobinGlasser1

Re: Just purchased


The Good Mommies Guide To Raising (Almost) Perfect Daughters by Nonnie Jules @NonnieJules

Re: Just purchased (Betting it’s a great read)



American Goddesses by Gary Henry @LiteraryGary

Re: Finished! Fantastic, one of my all time favorite reads. Down right delicious!



Band of Gypsies by David Bain & C.Dennis Moore @Davidbainaa  @CDennisMoore

Re: Finished! Jimi Hendrix like you never dreamed of! It’s one of those books you in color, not black and white!



Shadow & Steel, (Heirs of the Fallen 3) by James A. West @jwestbooks

Re: Purchased and half way through, but hubby is spoiling my darn read!


Howard and Chloe Go to Bunnyland by Kobsupang Robertson @Kobsupang

Re: My Garret loved this book! I enjoy children’s books like this because it makes him WANT to read!

Howard & Chloe Go to Bunnyland


Check back in from time to time and see what books I’ve been reading!  I even like to post books I haven’t read yet but plan to so, you might see yours posted!


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