Welcome to My World of Indie Support

I have given so much thought to how I can help my fellow indie authors.  Personally, I have seen on social media twitter is a great tool but I follow mostly authors & author’s really aren’t purchasing my book.  Facebook has been a great media drive for promoting .  In the decision to do this blog and host other fellow indie authors, I felt if I could give folks a wider range of detail on a specific indie, they’re more likely to at least look at their book.  Indie authors are restrained from BIG promotional tools unless they can afford to advertise out of their own pockets without worry.  I don’t have the big bucks ( yet) so advertising a book has become a major part of my life. The’ how to’s’ are tremendous, the knowledge to do them are small!  I’m no dummy but it takes a great portion of time writing, then editing, then publishing.  The easy part is over after publishing when the promotion of your book begins!  I could have written 2 books in the time I’ve spent just promoting one!  Sure most indies have the same thoughts I do but I think it’s time we find a media outlet to suffice OUR needs.  Traditional authors ( those with everything in paperback, ebook and HAVE a publisher) seem to get all the publicity they want.  As an indie, it seems we are less fortunate although our works are just as magnificent as the traditional authors!

I will tell you up front I haven’t spent much on promotion of my own book.  Just pretty much twitter & facebook.   It come to me, not me to it, but I had a friend invite me for a piece in the local paper.  It all started here.  Do you realize your local hometown paper can be a great promotion tool at a very reasonable price?  Local advertisement from a ‘local artist’ can get you  more bang for the buck than you know.  After doing some newspaper ads, geez I had an offer from the ‘big city’ paper with a circulation of 250k so I did that one too.  NOW, if I’m in Tennessee and your in TIMBUCKTWO, if I promote you locally in my hometown then you’re reaching an untapped audience!

 I still promote twitter heavily and  support my fellow indies as much as myself.  It’s strange how once some fellows get noticed in the public eye they seem to feel bigger than the rest of us wee folks but honestly, there isn’t anyone bigger or luckier than I am.   I have met some great people/authors along the way into the world of indie publishing and although I love to write, my second love is reading.  I have read some awesome books since I’ve joined twitter and have a steady following.  I choose to follow mostly authors because I love reading.  I’ve also discovered an outlet for advertising & have personally highlighted a few of my favorite authors as well as myself in my local paper.  So if any of you get some boost in sales and have no idea whats going on, it might be ole Sunshine at work behind the scenes!  It cost pennies a day to help someone and I have found the more you give the more you get! This paying it forward stuff truly works!

Hopefully this new INDIE SPOTLIGHT adventure will help a few indies along the way.  By interviewing with me you may get hosted in the newspaper where thousands otherwise would never hear of you or your book!  I can’t promise to highlight everyone of course but I wish I could!  When I state, it’s time for indies to shine, I mean it!  Our dues were paid behind the same keyboard and in an desk chair as many other popular authors and we deserve nothing but the best.

Support the indie authors you know and follow whether on twitter or facebook.  It’s just the right thing to do.  If along the way you get famous ( that’s like book to movie deal or something)or receive an award (some form of recognition for your great writing) for your work, remember those still striving to promote and remember who helped promote you to get you noticed and where  you are! We all need each other, no matter the genre, we are one!